Behind the scenes: Food Panda shoot

Behind the scenes: Food Panda shoot


Bao Bao Films specialises in customised ‘shorties’ that are shot in a cinematic style. Whatever the project, we provide full video production services to create your shortie from start to finish and kick your production up a notch!

The joy of ‘shortie’ productions is that our team will bring the same level of integrity they would to any other professional project, but the smaller and more personalised crew brings a relaxed and enjoy experience to any client. Our team is made up of experienced members from the Hong Kong film industry.

By combining the high quality skills of each crew member, we are able to provide the most efficient crew for any project.  

Our team includes award-winning cinematographers and composers; producers specialising in international co-productions; and brand makeup artists.  

Please contact our producer for an initial meeting: info@baobaofilms.com